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"Fantastic hiring system. Best way to get resumes and easy to deal with."

Kevin Spearing — Google Review

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We are not just a job posting.

We are unique, different and better.

We are a Job Posting Process.

We get your job posting in front of the right audience,

delivering you qualified candidates.

"I worked with my Account Manager at NetHire. He was friendly, helpful, responsive, knowledgeable and highly professional. NetHire helped my company find qualified candiates. I enjoyed working with the NetHire team. I would recommend their services."

Dianne O'Ball — Google Review


A NetHire Job Posting puts your job onto 100s of the best job boards that have the audience you need to attract the most qualified candidates.

We have the right audience to deliver the right candidates.

We reach the other 70% of job seekers that the big job boards miss. You can't miss this audience!

  • NetHire is not a Job Board. NetHire is a Job Posting Distributor.
  • You NetHire job posting will be placed onto 100's of the top job boards for your particular job, giving you the biggest and best audience possible with the skills and qualifications for your job.
  • Our job board partners include the big national job boards, regional and very important local job boards like newspaper, TV, radio and independently run job boards. For many jobs its our industry, association, trade and job specific job boards that pull the best candidates.
  • All of these job boards have job email alert systems, social channels, job seeker followers and search engine rankings. The power of hundreds of the "right" job boards marketing your open jobs is powerfiul and delivers candidates you don't get from any one general job board.
  • We put you job in front of millions, but more importantly we get it seen by people with the right skills and experience you require and in and around the location where the job is.
  • You can't miss this audience.
  • It all results in better and more qualified candiates!
Don't Assume

Don't Assume You Have Reached All the Available Candidates with 1 or 2 Job Postings, Even on the Biggest Job Board

  • We hear it all the time. I posted my jjob on this job board and if they can't find me candidates there probably is no one. Not True
  • Even if it is the largest job board in the country, it still has less than 30% of all job seekers, and even then depending on when those job seekers looked and how many other companies are hiring that day for a similar position, your job may be on page 4 or not even showing as your budget ran out or for many other reasons, they never saw your posting.
  • There are over 60,000 job boards in North America. The majority of job seekers search or have job alerts on local job, industry, trade or association job boards as they see these jobs more relevant for them.
  • NetHire puts your job posting in front of an entirely different audience and delivers qualified candidates you would not get through a single major job board.

"NetHire has always met our hiring needs. Our Account Rep is professional, attentive and quick to respond. Good value. Would highly recommend!"

Charles Duchesnay — Google Review


The NetHire Job Posting Process

  • We review the job posting and recommend how to make it better.
  • We "TARGET" the right audience of qualified people who would make a good candidate.
  • We post your job to 100's of the right job boards that target your target audience by job title, industry, skills, experiences, education and location.
  • We add tags and keywords so no one with the right skills misses your posting.
  • Your job will be included in the 100's of email job alerts reaching tens of thousands of qualified people who signed up asking to be notified of jobs like yours.
  • Your jobs will be geotargeted, so people close to your job location will see the posting at a higher propensity. Jobs close to home trump money. We make sure qualified local people see your job.
  • Your job posting will flow through all our job board partner social channels.
  • Your job will be ranked highly on search engines, usually first page and many times first result, because of each job board partners weight with search engines. This will include al the big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo plus dozens of smaller ones.
  • Your job is managed by "Response Managers". These are pros on our team that watch your job posting throughout the posting time, pushing it in front of potetntial candidates, tweaking the posting as needed and making sure the most qualified people see your posting.

It all results in more of the people you want seeing your job postings, seeing it, resulting in more qualified candidates, and less of the unqualified ones.

  • Job Posting Review
  • Recommend Title, Wording and Tags
  • Audience Targeting
  • Post Your Job to hundreds of the best job boards for your job
  • AI Technology to locate candidates
  • Job Geo-Targeted to Reach Local Job Seekers
  • Your Job Emailed to Thousands of Qualified Candiates
  • Social Channel Distribution
  • Search Engine Inclusion including Google
  • Response Managers for Maximum Response
  • =
  • The Most Qualified In-Country Candidates
Candidate Targeting

Candidate Targeting

  • We are effectively your Candidate Sourcing Advertising Agency. We target the audience you want to reach and our technology and Response Managers execute the campaign to attract the right people.
  • We target your audience with the job posting title and copy, the tagging, the job boards that are chosen, the social messaging and the entire targeting process.
  • It all results in more qualified people seeing your job posting and more qualified candidates applying.

"NetHire has always met our hiring needs. Our Account Rep is professional, attentive and quick to respond. Good value. Would highly recommend!"

Charles Duchesnay — Google Review


Reaching the Coveted "PASSIVE Job Seeker"

The phrase "passive + job seeker" is a bit of an oxymoron, but this is the name given to qualified people not actively searching for a job but who would be qualified for it, and believed that would be a great candidate for the role. We reach them.

Email Job Alerts

90% of people are signed up on their favorite job board to be notified by email or text when jobs come up that match what they are looking for. Our thousands of job board partners have these alert systems, that when you post your job with NetHire, thousands if not tens of thousands of people will be notified within the first week of posting.

Social Channels

All our job board partners have Social Channels. Social Media today is one of the best ways to reach that passive candidate. Your jobs will be seen by qualified local candidates through socail.

Passive Job Seeker
Original Title

Quality Control Manager

Better Title

Quality Control Manager - Automotive Assembly

Job Posting Title and Copy Review along with recommendations

Candidates searching for their next job are primarily searching the job title, and then seeing returned jobs by the job title. They only see jobs that return in search results.

We make sure the right people see your job. We make sure the job paosting copy sells the job, the organization and the opportunity.

We make sure the right wording is in place to attract, get interest and get qualified candidates to take action and reply.

Job Posting Distribution Network of 5,000+ Job Board Partners

  • Algorithms choose the best Job Boards for your Job.
  • Your job posting will normally show on 400+ job boards.
  • Job boards are chosen based on the job title, industry, skills and location.
  • Your job only posts to job boards that are appropriate for your job posting.
  • As the original job posting disseminator / distributor dating back to 2010, we have the most exclusive job board partners.
Distribution Network

Your Jobs Top of Search Engines

We make sure your jobs search top of list, on all major search engines including Google.

Google Yahoo Bing Duck Duck Go Brave

"NetHire was great for our hiring needs. We were struggling to get applicants through our regular channels, so decided to give NetHire a shot. We weren't disapointed, and ended up filling the wide variety of positions we posted on NetHite. Our account manager was extremely helpful and very responsive to our time lines. Would receommend NetHire if you are having trouble finding good applicants for any position."

Greg Miller — Google Review


Professional Candidate Management Sysytem (CMS) Included

  • Post your own jobs or we can post for you. Lots of jobs? We can take a feed or scrape your jobs.
  • Complete candiate profile.
  • Full CRM including notes by user, date and time.
  • Hiring Workflow - Never let a candidate slip through the cracks.
  • Questions that qualify candidates. A green thumb up shows a qualified candidate.
  • Career page for your website with Quick Easy Apply.
  • Email Messaging.

Job Postings

Job Postings

Jobs List

Jobs List



Add our Full ATS Functionality for only $399* month and includes:

  • Unlimited Users - Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Executives
  • Every Job posts through NetHire for maximum response**
  • Post to any other job board in the world
  • Another 125+ job board postings automatically
  • Social Postings
  • All candidates from all sources in one place
  • One Way Video Interviews / Questionnaires
  • Requisitions
  • One-Way Video Interviews
  • Document and Video Interview Storage
  • Texting and Calling from system
  • Interview calendars synced with your calendar
  • Candidate self-scheduled interviews
  • Offer Letter and Employment Agreements with digital Signatures
  • US and Canadian with specific features for each country

Also available at extra cost:

Bilingual System, Employee Component, Union Component, On-Boarding, Structured Interviews

*Set-up charges may apply depending on complexity of set up and data transfer requirements

**Cost of NetHire Job Postings are at additional cost. Special pricing for ATS clients


4.1 Star Google Rating

We provide an exceptional experience, process and result that our client's love. It's the reason we have one of the highest Google ratings in the industry.

Most job boards do not permit Google ratins because of the number of negative responses. Check for yourself by putting any job board name into Google and see if they have a Google rating.

We offer an exceptional client experience that includes:

  • Dedicated Account Managers, Response Managers and Customer Service personnel.
  • A phone number we actually pick up and deal with you one on one. Most job boards, software and tech companies have no phone numbers or make it nearly impossible to find or get someone to talk to.
  • Top industry Candidate Management System (CMS) with very modern candidate and recruiter feature, built in to make your hiring more effiecient, fast and easy.
  • More qualified candidates seeing your jobs.
  • Job Posting writing assistance to make sure the job posting can be easily found in searches, is sent to the right qualified people on email job alerts and seen by the right audience.
  • In the end it means more candidates you can and want to hire.

💕 From our service to our platform to the candidates our clients hire, our clients love / 💕

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"NetHire customer service is top drawer! My account manager assisted me to word my ad in such a way that I could target the type of person I was looking for and now I can see the importance of a well written job posting and the difference it makes. No other company has helped me with writing my ads and for this they get 5 stars from me!"

Lorne Victoria — Google Review


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28 Day Posting

1 City

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Each posting credit good to use for 2-years from purchase date

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28 Day Posting

1 City + 2 Surrounding Cities

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Give your job an extended reach by advertising in 2 additional locations so that more potential candidates get to see your job. Can increase number of applicants by 50%. Use to make sure your posting is seen in nearby cities and towns.

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60 Day Posting

1 City

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Your job re-posted at 31 days to top of job boards - another big push.

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28 - 84 Day Posting

1 City + 2 Surrounding Cities

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Guarantees you make a hire or recieve a minimum 50 applicants. Minimum run 28 days, maximum run 84 days. Posts in up to 3 cities.

*Owner Operators/Independent Contractors or positions that require an investment have a guarantee of 20 candidates.

The only Guaranteed posting in the industry!

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