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  • 100s of Job Boards - Your job postings are distributed to hundreds of job boards based on the title, industry and location of your job. These are job boards people go to every day looking for jobs.

  • Email Job Alerts - Your job posting will be emailed to people who have asked to be notified when a job posting like yours becomes available.

  • Social Media - We distribute your job to popular social networks and make it easy for anyone to share your jobs with prospective candidates through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +.

  • Search Engines - Your job posting will appear throughout search results on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Duck Duck Go.

  • Human Touch - Each of your job postings is reviewed and managed by the NetHire Response Team to ensure you get quality candidates and more of them!

Talent Pool Builder

Job Posting Edition Cloud Based ATS

Job Postings and Packs

Buy in Bulk for the Greatest Saving!

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Max Exposure Job Posting

$399(per posting)
  • 28 Day Posting
  • 1 City

Extended Reach 3 City Job Posting

$499(per posting)
  • 28 Day Posting
  • 1 Job in 3 Cities

Give your job an extended reach by advertising in 2 additional locations so that more potential candidates get to see your job.


Guaranteed Max Exposure Job Posting

$599(per posting)
  • 28 Day Posting
  • 1 Job in 3 Cities

Guarantees you hire or a minimum of 25 candidates* within 28 days. If your guarantee hasn't been met we will continue to run your posting until you meet your guarantee.

*Owner Operators/Independent Contractors or positions that require an investment have a guarantee of 10 candidates.


Super Job Posting

$999(per posting)
  • 90 Day Posting
  • 1 Job in 4 Cities

Provides you a longer job posting with a greater reach for positions which are difficult to hire for.


Job Slots

These postings include all of the great features included with all NetHire Job Postings. Think of this like a parking spot. Change the jobs in your slots as often as you like.

Buy for 1 Year and Save Big!

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Max Exposure Job Slot

$426(per slot/month)
  • 1 City per posting

Extended Reach 3 City Job Slot

$538(per slot/month)
  • 3 Cities per posting

Long Term Job Postings

Are you always hiring? Do you never want to miss a great candidate again? if you said yes to either of those questions then Long Term Job Postings are for you! Post the same job for 1 year and have a constant stream of candidates all year long. Never miss out on a great candidate when they are looking for a new opportunity.

Advertise in multiple cities to get a wider reach of candidates!

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1 Year Job Posting

$2394(per posting)
  • 1 Year Job Posting
  • 1 Job in 1 City
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