No Risk Recruiting

No Risk

You only pay if you hire a candidate we introduce to you.

Recruiting Guarantee


If, within 90 days of hiring, the candidate we introduced to you is no longer working, we will re-hire free of charge. If after 91 days, and up to one year after hiring, the candidate we introduced to you is no longer working for you, we will re-hire at 75% of the original fee.

Recruiting Target

Unique Service with
Greater Reach and Depth

We work with our Recruitment, Agency and Consultancy partners to source the candidates you're looking for. With more professionals looking and scouring their databases, you get a better hire.

Magnify candidate

You only pay if you hire the candidate we introduce to you. There is no obligation to hire anyone. Let us find you a great candidate.

Our Service

Sourcing candidates via the search of databases, job advertisements, social media and headhunting, amongst other methods

Reviewing resumes

Conducting telephone and/or online interviews

Ranking of all candidates

The presentation of the best candidates to you via email with recruiter notes, recommendation, the candidate resume and other information

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Other Recruiting Services Available

Social Candidate Sourcing

Let us scour social media for the passive candidates you are looking for.

Candidate Shortlisting

Let our skilled recruiters interview and provide you only the best candidates.

Verification Services

Have NetHire verify that certificates, experience, education, etc. are correct.

Background and Criminal Record Checks


Let us verify that your candidates possess the skills and aptitude for your position.

Reference Checks

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